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Alternative Algorithms – Part 2

Here is a link to the Everyday Math computation page, including information about their focus algorithms. I took part in some staff development today that reinforced the importance of students developing algorithms as a product of conceptual understanding. Everyday Mathematics … Continue reading

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Alternative Algorithms

A student who recently came into our district from Australia shared this method of subtraction with me this morning when I was working with her in class. It was new to me, but it works. Unfortunately she was unable to … Continue reading

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I promised to blog while I was at the NCTM National Conference…but I bet you can guess by the title that I was a bit overwhelmed!  There were so many things to do and see – I didn’t even come close to … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just can’t find math in real life…

Last week I was working with a fourth grade class that was exploring geometric solids.  They were asked to do a scavenger hunt in the classroom to find examples of each different solid – square and triangular pyramids, cylinders, cones, cubes, … Continue reading

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Everyday Math and the CCSS

As you know, Connecticut has adopted the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  You may be wondering how Everyday Math will respond to the changeover – which is happening in most states in the country.  Below is the text of … Continue reading

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