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Instructional Coaching vs. Content Coaching…is it really a contest?

Since I became an instructional coach, I’ve heard varying opinions about the importance of content knowledge in being a successful coach.  Currently, I am a coach for K-5 math.  In my position, I need to know about best practices in … Continue reading

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More Twitter for Teachers

The more I learn about Twitter and the more I use it, the more I am finding it a valuable tool for networking and professional learning.  I currently follow Creative Education, (@CreativeEdu) a UK-based company that provides courses and professional learning … Continue reading

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Making Connections

Lately, I have been telling my colleagues (and my boss!) about the value of connecting to other educators through Twitter.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished in a mere 140 characters! Last night I participated in something called Edchat.  Simply … Continue reading

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Building Math Positivity

I ran across this blog post today…just a few ideas on how to give math some more “good press” and put a damper on math anxiety! Building Math Positivity

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Sometimes you just can’t find math in real life…

Last week I was working with a fourth grade class that was exploring geometric solids.  They were asked to do a scavenger hunt in the classroom to find examples of each different solid – square and triangular pyramids, cylinders, cones, cubes, … Continue reading

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