Building Engaging Math Tasks

Normally, I’m not big on just sharing a link to another person’s blog, but I think this particular blog entry warrants it.

Last week at the NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition, I was fortunate to attend a session with Dan Meyer about why word problems are typically the bane of our students’ existence. Generally, they are a bunch of words on paper with no real connection to “real-life” math – or anything else students are interested in.

Dan’s blog contains a large number of engaging tasks here. He also has a post about how to design your own engaging math tasks here.

While you’re there, be sure to check out Dan’s other posts – he is one of my favorite folks to follow. You can also find him on Twitter by following @ddmeyer.

About gpsmathcoach

I am an Elementary Math Coach for the Greenwich Public Schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. I serve 11 elementary schools and approximately 240 teachers.
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