Getting ready for the NCTM National Conference!

A week from tomorrow, I am heading to Indianapolis, IN for the NCTM National Conference.  I have attended many regional conferences before, including the NCTM Northeast last year in Boston.  The only other national conference I’ve ever attended was the IRA (International Reading Association) National Conference in Atlanta a few years back. I remember being totally overwhelmed – the program book seemed like it was a foot thick, and the convention center was gigantic!

While poking around online the other day, I found that NCTM had developed an iPhone app for the conference. Being the app junkie that I am, I downloaded it instantly…and WOW! I am so impressed already, and I’m not even at the conference yet! It allows you to access your session schedule, maps of the exhibit hall and lists of exhibitors, as well as download handouts from sessions, connect with your “friends”, and Tweet directly from the app! It even has listings for Indy attractions, restaurants and nightlife! I am very much looking forward to using my iPhone as my guide to this conference rather than a 10-ton program book!

I hope to get a great deal from this conference – and I’m not just talking about the freebies (although I’m sure there will be some nifty giveaways)!  I find that there is never enough time at conferences like these to attend all of the sessions I would like.  To narrow down the huge list of choices, I have decided to focus my energies on a few specific areas. I will mainly be looking for sessions that will help me to improve my coaching skills, to support teachers in differentiation of instruction and the RtI  process, technology integration, and fostering collaboration among teachers.  If you are one of the teachers I work with, what would you most like to see me bring back to share with you from this experience (besides free goodies)? What do you feel would be most valuable to you? After all, the reason I am going to this conference in the first place is to be able to better support you in your teaching of mathematics. Please share your thoughts – either here or via e-mail!

I am hoping to be able to blog from the conference each day with some new tidbits of information, fun things I’ve learned, and ideas to share!  If you want to be notified of new posts, please subscribe either to this blog or to my Twitter feed @GPSMathCoach!

Here’s to new learning for all of us!

About gpsmathcoach

I am an Elementary Math Coach for the Greenwich Public Schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. I serve 11 elementary schools and approximately 240 teachers.
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