Common Core State Standards…What does this mean for me?

By now, you’ve probably heard the buzz about the CCSS – the Common Core State Standards, but do you know what the adoption of the CCSS means for you as a teacher?

Out of the 50 states, 38 have already adopted the CCSS – Connecticut being one of them.  To find out more about the CCCS, you can visit the Common Core State Standards Initiative website.  Here, you can find out more about the standards themselves, see what states have adopted the CCSS, read FAQs, sort out the facts and myths, and even view a webinar.

Yes, this does mean the CMT will change – but it also means that materials will be more widely available that will align with testing protocols based on the fact that 38 states (including California) will be following the same standards.

As more news comes about regarding the CCSS I will continue to post it here.

About gpsmathcoach

I am an Elementary Math Coach for the Greenwich Public Schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. I serve 11 elementary schools and approximately 240 teachers.
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